Kitchen canopy cleaning Melbourne

Your kitchen canopy plays an essential role in your own kitchen – because its job would be to filter out oil, fumes, moisture plus much more. It protects your own employees and clients from carbon monoxide, harmful fumes, smoke, bad odors and a lot more.

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Melbourne

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Melbourne

However, if your kitchen area canopy hasn’t been cleaned inside a while – it may be a hazard rather than help. It doesn’t take really miss the average range hood inside a commercial kitchen being coated with oil. When it is actually left unmaintained for some time, your kitchen canopy may accumulate enough grease being an extreme fireplace hazard.

It goes without saying that the fire in your kitchen will be extremely devastating for your business. Your equipment will be destroyed, you would need to shut down the restaurant and never only would you need to face the price of repairing the actual damage – but you’d be losing out on revenue for each day that you’re closed. Also, a fire poses a substantial risk to the lives of the employees and clients.

This is why it is crucial for your kitchen canopy to become inspected and cleaned regularly. A dangerous quantity of grease can develop faster than you may think, so contact us today to discover how we might help.

Providing you having a complete Kitchen canopy cleaning Melbourne

We offer a comprehensive and comprehensive canopy cleansing service throughout Melbourne as well as Victoria, which will keep your kitchen canopy is actually safe, sanitary and doesn’t pose a fireplace risk. We are fully conscious of the Australian Safety and health Standards and we clean to some high standard – to ensure your kitchen might pass even probably the most stringent of home inspections.

We start through taping all electric switches and lounging wooden boards along with your stoves as well as deep fryers. We will also cover all your nearby counters along with special cloth addressing and all kitchenware with heavy responsibility plastic. Our Kitchen canopy cleaning Melbourne service includes:

  • Scraping clean the entire kitchen exhaust systems all the way through
  • Washing all areas of the kitchen canopy along with food-safe caustic cleansing chemicals and warm water
  • Pressure washing the inside and exterior associated with canopy when feasible
  • Washing the firewall and floor beneath the equipment
  • Scrubbing any developed areas by hand with stainless wool
  • Washing in the flue
  • Removing just about all water and polishing the actual canopy and firewall

We always carry out our cleaning service in an exceedingly professional manner, entering your premises having a uniform and a good ID badge, talking with the manager in control and taking pictures before and following the clean. You can depend on us to end up being friendly, efficient and also to perform the job to some very high regular.

During the average morning your commercial kitchen’s canopy might absorb smoke, oil, oils, gases for example carbon monoxide, in addition to odors and chemical substance particles. And, with time, all of this stuff can leave traces inside your canopy, comprising its effectiveness and look.

Fortunately, keeping your kitchen area canopy performing its best is simple, with regular upkeep and cleaning from the trusted commercial cleansing company, like Lotus Filter systems.

We clean your own canopy inside & away

While your canopy might be clean on the exterior, it’s often that which you can’t see that’s dangerous. Grease, essential oil, and grime debris can all accumulate in your kitchen canopy. And these deposits might not be immediately visible.

At Lotus Filter systems we use specialized equipment to provide your kitchen canopy an extensive cleaning both within and out.

On completion of cleansing, you will discover a certificate describing the service supplied. As well because before and after photographs from the now-cleaned canopy. To help you rest assured understanding that your kitchen canopy is actually clean, safe, as well as performing at its best.

Let all of us clean your canopy properly & completely

Cleansing your commercial kitchen’s canopy yourself, or having your staff achieve this isn’t just unadvised, it regularly can be quite dangerous.

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Melbourne

Kitchen canopy cleaning Melbourne through their nature are often placed up higher, and above cook-tops as well as fryers.

Attempting to wash them without the correct training, equipment, and regular experience can result in injuries from sliding, falls, and uses up. You could additionally be breaching what’s needed of your insurance plan, and Australian requirements.

That’s why from Lotus Filters all of us say: let all of us clean your kitchen’s canopy. The professional team may clean your canopy, within and out, totally, and most-importantly properly.

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